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MeisterR ClubRace are designed for road and track use with focus on ride compliance.


Digressive damping with MeisterR CRD (Close Ratio Damping) technology, the ClubRace provides great ride quality over uneven road surfaces and superb control during occasional track use.


Main Features:
 32-stage damping adjustments (Compression and Rebound Combined)
 Digressive damping with CRD (Close Ratio Damping) technology.
 Independent ride height and springs pre-load adjustment.
 Bump Stop and Rubber Boot included.
 1 year limited warranty.


Spring Rate and Information:
 Front Top Mount: Aluminium with Spherical Bearing
 Front Spring Rate: 10 kg/mm
 Rear Top Mount: Aluminium with Rubber Bush
 Rear Spring Rate: 6 kg/mm


The ClubRace are designed to be the best all-around suspension within its price bracket, providing uncompromising performance for the road and track.

Mazda MeisterR ClubRace

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